2009-2013  Ph.D. in Behavioral Science, Department of Behavioral Medicine, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.
2011-2012  A researcher in Department of Physiology at Gifu University Graduate School of Medicine (studying physiology and the plastic alteration of the vestibulo-cardiovascular reflex and related countermeasures.  This topic was selected from among proposals received from researchers around the world for experiments in the Space Medicine and Life Science category at the International Space Station. From 2012, also expected to be involved in assisting and communicating with astronauts participating in the above experiments, which will be conducted at the NASA Johnson Space Center.
2010-2011  Innovative Leaders Platform (ILP) at Tohoku University
Graduate School. This included Project Management, Team Building, Leadership skills, and organizing as a director an actual project: i.e. A Presentation Contest to learn about other students’ studies and to improve presentation skills.

2007  International Space University, Summer Session Program 07 in Beijing, China.
2005-2006  Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists.

2005  Received the license of teaching profession.

2002  Master of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

2000  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joshibi University of Art and Design.


2000年 女子美術大学 絵画科 洋画専攻 卒業

2002年 東京藝術大学大学院 修士課程 美術研究科 油画専攻 修了

2006年 文化庁新進芸術家海外留学制度 (メディア芸術) 1年間留学 (パリ・NY)

2007年 国際宇宙大学 サマーセッション・プログラム 留学(北京)

2013年 東北大学大学院 医学系研究科 行動医学分野 博士課程 修了 (医学士)